A book about Emile Gallé which takes a fresh look about this brilliant artist

In Art signed Gallé Tiny Esveld, in collaboration with Clémentine L. Diepen, has cast new light on the renowned French designer Emile Gallé (1846-1904). Esveld raises a number of points which many authors prefer to pass over, such as the important role that Gallé’s father played in the production of his ceramics and the involvement of Emile’s wife Henriëtte and their daughters after Gallé’s death in 1904.

Almost 90% of glass signed Gallé which comes on the market today dates from the period after his early death.

Gallé’s oeuvre of ceramics, glass and luxury furniture, which was often inspired by nature, is examined and explained by means of concise texts, informative descriptions and hundreds of photographs. Esveld also draws on her expertise to illuminate Gallé’s often innovative techniques and production methods.

With Art signed Gallé, Tiny Esveld has added to the scope of the literature about Emile Gallé from her own perspective. In its 300 pages, she transports the reader back to the era and the city in which Gallé lived and worked. This is a coffee table book, a popular work of reference and a practical guide in one.

As Edwin Becker, who curated the 2004 Siegfried Bing exhibition in the Van Gogh Museum says: “In short, this is a book which no enthusiast of Gallé’s exceptional artistry can afford to miss.”

A limited number (500 copies) of Art signed Gallé are also available in a Dutch edition.



Tiny Esveld is an expert in antique glass and the owner of the gallery in Brasschaat (near Antwerp), which bears her name. The gallery specialises in French Art Nouveau and Art Deco glass and furniture from around 1900, with the accent on Gallé. Her previous book Glass made transparent (2010), is an instructive and practical handbook for lovers and collectors of the glass of Gallé, Daum and Schneider.

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Practical information:

Title: Art signed Gallé
Author: Tiny Esveld, in collaboration with Clémentine L. Diepen
Publisher: Tiny Esveld
Price (printed edition) : €48.00
Hardcover, bound, 300 pages, 600 images

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